"Home of the FroSaks"


About Kurlykees

My name is Tequita and I am the owner of Kurlykees. Kurlykees is a natural hair care brand. I am from Louisville Kentucky where I was born and raised. I have been natural since February 8, 2013. I started my natural hair journey after I could no longer deal with the scalp irritation from relaxers. During my journey, I have become very interested in studying natural hair, products, and accessories. I am currently working on my product line and have invented my first hair accessory, the FroSak.

FroSaks are Bonnets made with 100% charmuese satin. This satin allows your hair to breath at night while retaining moisture. It is guaranteed to keep your hair moisturized and free from breakage and snags. It also allows your hair to dry while you sleep. These Saks come in a variety of different styles, colors, and sizes. They are not just for natural hair they are for all hair types and lengths. It is almost impossible to find a real satin bonnet in the stores especially one that fits big hair. Kurlykees FroSaks comes in sizes for babies, kids, and adults. If you would like a custom bonnets we can create a Custom Sak tailor made just for you.

 Please feel free to browse around the website and if there is something that you want that is not on my site please feel  free to contact me. My customers needs are my first priority. Thanks for stopping by!

Tequita Buford